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Christmas Cards 2013

Christmas Card 2013 01

Christmas Card 2013 02

Christmas Card 2013 03

Christmas Card 2013 04

Christmas Card 2013 05

About the card designs:


The artist’s name is Komal. His favorite subject is Geography. His dream is to become a doctor, a teacher, or to serve the Lord one day.


The artist’s name is Monica. Her favorite subject is Math. She dreams of becoming a professional sports player when she grows up.

Nativity Scene

The artist’s name is Shravani. She is very bright in her studies. She and her sibling Yash are both HIV infected and are orphans.

Kids in snow

The artist’s name is Vijaya. Her favorite subject is English. She dreams of becoming a psychologist.


The artist’s name is Enelarebecca. Her favorite subject is English. She dreams of becoming a software engineer.

All of the children are currently living in Children’s Homes in Pune, India which we support through Business for Orphans. All proceeds from the cards go towards providing Christmas gifts for these children.

One box of cards has 3 of each of these 5 designs with a total of 15 cards per box.

Cards can be ordered by emailing us at